“I’m very enthusiastic about the SoundWhere concept. SoundWhere has a huge potential to enable our festivals to unlock a large new engaged audience that looks for a combination of nature, other artforms and all that we don’t know yet but we will be sure will come on our paths. Another usp is that the SoundWhere concept give us the tool to create extra experiences for just a selected audience as well for marketing goals in general.”
Georges Mutsaerts – Managing director Wonderfeel festival

“Soundwhere could be hugely relevant for the future and continuation of performing classical music, as it enables organisations such as our Classical Encounters chamber music events to connect to new audiences worldwide. Soundwhere’s location based webcasting opens up exciting opportunities in terms of making your concert a unique event for selected audiences around the world and at the same time create a meaningful programmatic link between your chosen repertoire and whereabouts of your audience. As such, it allows for creating novel live music experiences in a unique local context. Soundwhere could strengthen the collective musical experience in an unprecedented way.”
Eva Stegeman – violinist and artistic director Classical Encounters festival

“As a musician I know how important it is to create an intimate connection with your audience. Due to Covid 19 this connection is separated in the performing arts. SoundWhere is a breakthrough, creating new possibilities to connect closely and engage with your audience in an innovative way.”
Andre Heuvelman – Former solotrumpet of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble

“I started live streaming from home frequently since the first Covid lockdown in March 2020. It kept me connected to my fanbase. However, after a couple of months I wanted to bring the streams to another level, broadening my event concepts and being able to sell tickets. Soundwhere is the perfect fit for this!”
Mike del Ferro – Pianist & World Traveller