SoundWhere is a unique turnkey streaming platform for artists, individuals, venues and companies to narrowcast, broadcast or pinpoint sound and vision to selected audiences at selected places at selected times. Free or with a ticket price. Local or worldwide. Do-it-yourself or serviced by us.

This way our new platform aims to stimulate creativity and help provide economic relief to worldwide artists, cultural entrepreneurs, venues, institutions and companies. At the same time SoundWhere offers a state-of-the-art new service for any creative mind to bring their talent, idea or service to the right audience. Hassle free, accessible for all.

SoundWhere’s mission is to fulfill today’s changing communication and business needs by providing an accessible flexible solution for individuals and corporates to communicate and monetise their music, ideas and services. We do this by creating a platform/app offering a unique integration of technologies and tools that enable our clients to provide their services and entertainment as they choose to whoever they choose.


SoundWhere comes as a free app for mobile devices, providing unique OTT media services (bypassing traditional media channels) through a smart combination of technologies:

  • geofencing (localisation via IP & GPS)
  • streaming and Video/Audio On Demand
  • payment services
  • rights collection management
  • easy do-it-yourself setup
  • recommendation engine


With SoundWhere you can create the following types of services and events:

  • Concerts: paid or free online artist concerts; live or prerecorded
  • Album / product presentations: exclusive (time/location limited) audio or video previews
  • Messages: e.g. local welcome message, instructions, background information
  • Tours: e.g. guided tours for museums, parks, zoos, cities, historic areas & sites, monuments
  • Events: time/location limited special events (e.g. brand sponsored) based on exclusive audio/video
  • Games: location and/or time based games