SoundWhere is a unique service for artists and venues to stream location-based concerts and events anywhere in the world. Free or with a ticket price. Local or worldwide. Fully serviced by us. Hassle free, accessible for all.

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Our mission is to stimulate creativity and help provide economic relief to worldwide artists, cultural entrepreneurs, venues, institutions and companies. At the same time SoundWhere offers a state-of-the-art new service, powered by the NOTV.com platform, for any creative mind to bring their talent, idea or service to the right audience.

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create your SoundWhere account and plan your event


pick a date & time for your live event or make it on-demand

Geo fencing

select location(s) to stream your event to an area, country or worldwide

Ticket price

choose your ticket price, ask a donation or make it free!

Sell tickets

we take care of ticket sales and help you to promote your event

Time to play!

connect your camera, get on stage and start recording


upload your live stream to internet

Reach your audience

let your fanbase enjoy your show on Soundwhere.com